Hercules Beetle and Larva – An Absolute Giant!

Hercules beetle

The Giant Hercules Beetle! Facts for kids about this monster beetle include: This is one of the largest beetles in the world Lives in the Amazon rainforest and as far north a Mexico This giant can lift 850x its body weight The jaws of this beetle can snap a pencil in half! The Hercules beetle […]

Goliath Bird Eating Spider

Goliath_birdeater spider

The Bird Eating Spider This huge spider is found in the rainforest and will eat whatever is small enough to attack. They are called the bird eating spider, but usually don’t eat birds. They do love to eat these foods: Lizards Cockroaches Mice Frogs Toads These spiders are the second largest in the world! The […]

Leafcutter Ants

Leaf cutter ants

Leaf cutter Ants These ants can develop huge colonies larger than a football field! They can grow to millions of members in a colony. They cut leaves, flowers and grass to feed to their babies. Leaf cutter ants have longer legs than most ants do, they need them to carry the large leaves long distances. […]