Spider Monkey

Spider Monkey in the Amazon Rainforest

About Spider Monkeys: These monkeys are some of the biggest in the rainforest. They have very long arms and legs that help them move around in trees. Spider Monkey Facts For Kids These monkeys hang out in groups of up to 40 monkeys! When a spider monkey sees a human coming, they bark loudly; they […]

Red Howler Monkey

Red howler monkey fun kids facts

The Red Howler Monkey This monkey is from the western part of the Amazon rainforest, they eat nuts, fruits, seeds and leaves for food. Fun Facts for Kids About the Howler Monkey: The howl from these loud monkeys can be heard up to three miles away! Their tails and long fingers allow them to spend […]

Vampire Bat

Vampire Bat

The Vampire Bat These bats live in very dark caves and hollows in trees and are usually are in big groups. They can be found in the Amazon rainforests of South America and Central America. These bats eat only blood and have needle sharp teeth. In fact their teeth are so sharp, that the animals […]

3 Toed Sloth

The 3 toed sloth

Three Toed Sloth (Bradypus variegatus) The Sloth Lives in the Rainforests of South America. It is about the size of a large cat or small dog. They move slowly through the trees and spend most of their lives in a small area. Facts About the Three Toed Sloth They are excellent swimmers! The babies cling […]