Hercules Beetle and Larva – An Absolute Giant!

The Giant Hercules Beetle!

Facts for kids about this monster beetle include:

  • This is one of the largest beetles in the world
  • Lives in the Amazon rainforest and as far north a Mexico
  • This giant can lift 850x its body weight
  • The jaws of this beetle can snap a pencil in half!
  • The Hercules beetle roams around in the forest looking for fruit to eat
  • Hercules beetles can actually fly pretty good

The Beetle Larva

Giant beetle larva (Hercules beetle)

Photo by: Novita Estiti

This Huge grub lives inside rotted logs and trees. It eats rotting wood and makes a series of tunnels. This fantastic creature is commonly eaten by natives who live in the forest. Doesn’t this look like it would make a good food? This insect spends most of its life in this “grub” form, but eventually turns into the large beetle as shown in the first picture.