Vampire Bat

The Vampire Bat

These bats live in very dark caves and hollows in trees and are usually are in big groups. They can be found in the Amazon rainforests of South America and Central America. These bats eat only blood and have needle sharp teeth. In fact their teeth are so sharp, that the animals they bite cannot even feel it.

Interesting Facts For Kids About Vampire Bats:

  • They are the only bats that will adopt a baby bat if something happens to its mother.
  • Vampire bats usually eat from sleeping mammals by landing on the ground and quietly crawling over to draw blood
  • These bats can drink half of their body weight in blood in under 20 minutes
  • The Vampire bat is the only mammal on an all blood diet
  • Vampire bat saliva is being used as medicine for stroke patients
  • People are unlikely to be bitten or get any type of disease from these fun creatures!